Chairman's Report April 2016

When we were here in October last year we were unable to form a formal committee of management, no names having been brought forward for any of the officer or other committee positions. At the Forum's request I continued to chair the AGM in the hope that by the time we got through the formal agenda an open debate at the end might show a way forward.

For the benefit of those not present at that time or who have not read the minutes of that meeting, a number of forum members, including all the officers from the previous year agreed to form an 'Interim Committee' with a view of going away for six weeks and coming back with recommendations for the future of the Forum.

Well, that was six months ago now and I must report that the group worked very hard to prepare a special motion for you to consider here this evening.

Options were:

  • To try to form a new formal committee at another extraordinary general meeting.
  • To put the Forum 'on ice', suspending work but leaving the organisation available to form again at some time in the future.
  • To seek to merge with other community organisations.
  • To dissolve the Forum.

After considerable soul-searching the decision was unanimously made to recommend to dissolve the Forum and that is our special motion to be put tonight.

The basis of this is that the community sector in St Columb is very different from when the Forum was formed. At that time there was a paucity of community capacity with an un-dynamic Town Council, a Chamber of Commerce 'on ice' and a community calling out for action.

How different to the community we see now with a patient participation group at the surgery which we helped develop - that was in your Parish Plan. A reformed and active chamber of Commerce that we helped revive - that was in your Parish Plan. A Town Council that is brave, engaged and active. We helped there a great deal too and we are delighted that they have picked up other Parish Plan recommendations such as heritage lights, the cemetery chapels and hanging basket in summer.

We also see other active groups such as the Columba Centre, our Old Cornwall Society and an active and engaged Church community, just to mention a few.

We have yet to achieve the Cabbage Patch or a one -way system but considerable ground work has been undertaken on both by the Forum and Town Council and I am confident that over the next few years these will be in place too.

So it is our view that it's not only 'job done Regen' - it's' job well done'. We do have some funds left; some 2,000 odd and we do have a project to run off, that being erecting a plaque outside Columb House in Market Square to mark the site of the commencement of the hurling. This is the one thing that makes us regionally distinctive not only in Cornwall and the UK, but across the World.

The Interim Committee recommends that the remaining funds be equally split between the St Columb Major Institute and the Cemetery Chapel windows, where the Town Council has promised us an acknowledgement plaque.

The Forum members voted unanimously to dissolve the Forum, supporting the Management committee's special motion and Chairman's Report.

The Chairman and Committee would like to thank Phil Tremain and the St Columb Major Community Website for supporting this community project